Belgium, France to Spain

The last 5 days were mostly on the road and finding out that even on the good roads in Europe, the troubled roads of Belgium disregarded, with the Yellow Monster 300 KM a day is quit a challenge. Moreover, it is dark early.

In Belgium I wild camped around the town of Ypres, known for the First World War. The route to it consisted mainly of a lot of wrong driving and getting to know the quirks of my GPS.

The Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing war memorial in Ypres, Belgium

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Crossing Spain

Tonight is my last night in Europe, during the last 10 days I crossed Spain, successively the Pyrenees, Pamplona, ​​Madrid, Granada and the Sierra Nevada.

In the Pyrenees I drove through the mountains, between cows, rivers and farms. Because there had to be refueled, I decided to go to Pamplona on time. Unsuccessfully I tried to book an AirBNB, thus finally wildcamping again, however this time in a quiet street in the city. The next day I discovered Pamplona, a nice little town with beautiful city walls, forts and other antiquity.

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Obtaining the Mauritanian Visa

Last night I spent the night in the Yellow Monster in front of the Embassy of Mauritania where I had to do my visa application at 8:30 am. The guard of the neighboring Embassy of Ivory Coast made this possible and kept an eye on me at night. While awaiting the visa approval I’m enjoying  a nice breakfast.

Update 16:28: in the pocket

Farewell Ouzoud

This was my view for the last three days, I really enjoyed it here but it’s also time to move on. In coming days I’ll be going through the Atlas Mountains and camp wild. Bye bye luxury of a hot shower, see you in Marrakesh.