LG 360 Cam

Throughout this website, and on my social media, you will find 360° photo and video content. I shoot videoclips and panorama pictures using an LG 360 Cam, a compact two lens camera which stitches the two images together to a full 360° view photo or video. The 360° content covers the full sphere around, above, and below the camera point of view.

In my experience not everyone knows yet how to use this kind of content. On this page I will try to help answer some questions and maximise the viewing pleasure of this content.

If you have read the instructions below you might want to check out all posts on this website containing 360° Photos or 360° Video.

I have also written a review of the LG 360 Cam.

If you’re also interested in creating 360° content, you can buy the LG 360 Cam on Bol.com however today, buying the Samsung Gear 360 would probably be a better choice.

360° Photos

Here you see a 360° photo displayed inside a 360° viewer. The viewer enables you to rotate the image around its central point, which is where the camera used to be.

If you are using a computer you can use your mouse to click and drag the image around. On a mobile device you can move the device around and the image will move direction relative to your device movement. Why don’t you give it a try?

On the bottom right of the viewer you find a maximise button . When you click it your whole screen wil be used to view the 360° content which will make it a much more realistic experience. Click the back button  in the top left corner to exit the full screen mode.

If you use a mobile device you will also see a cardboard button . This will allow you to see the 360° content using a Google Cardboard, a special device where you put your smartphone in and use like a pair of goggles to immerses you within the content.

Check out the Google Cardboard site for more information and how to get one.

If your device or browser does not support 360° content the viewer will be black or the image will look distorted. It goes beyond this tutorial to help you with that.

360° Video

For 360° video I use YouTube which supports 360° video by default. Also here the viewer enables you to rotate the image around its central point, only this time with moving video. Make sure you have enough network bandwidth to ensure a hight enough resolution.

Interaction with this viewer on a computer is almost similar to the photo viewer, you can drag the image around with your mouse and maximise the video for full screen viewing pleasure.

On a mobile device you have to open the video in the YouTube app to be able to look around by moving your mobile device and use the cardboard function.