African Border Monitor

There are 166 different national borders in Africa, but there are fewer and fewer of them open. The western route seems almost impossible. For the time being, I am betting on that the border between Nigeria and Cameroon will be open again in March, or that there will be a workaround by then.

African Border Monitor

Dutch documentary series on Africa

Already for some time every Sunday on the Dutch TV channel NPO 2, this very interesting documentary series Dwars door Afrika is broadcasted. I always watch it on demand, so also this evening about Angola. If you watch this you’ll get confident that it is going to be all right with Africa. I especially liked the last part of the documentary in which victims of landmines mines get to speak.

Dwars door Afrika – Achter de wolkenkrabbers

Combat Ebola, support Doctors Withouth Borders

Dear friends,

You can not have failed to notice that, within three weeks, I will be leaving for Africa with the Yellow Monster for a year. Via the west route; Morocco, Senegal, Mali and then onwards to South Africa.

In a part of West Africa, Ebola currently prevails, you can not have failed to notice that either. There are not enough resources to decisively combat the disease. Doctors Without Borders can make good use of any financial donation! I have already done my contribution, but would also like to persuade you, so a small promotion:

Transfer at least ‚ā¨ 20 and I send you a postcard during my trip.
Transfer at least ‚ā¨ 50 and I send you a small souvenir during my trip.

Send me a message with a screenshot of your transfer to Doctors Without Borders and your address then you can expect African mail in the coming year!