Bye bye sweet home, bye bye sweet Amsterdam, I’m gone!

It has already been more than a week since I left Amsterdam, so time for my first travelogue about this Amsterdam to Sydney adventure. And since most of the first days since I left were filled with farewell activities this one will be more of a personal kind.

The core of the Farewell Camp, Sander his Land Rover Series 3 109 on the right and my Toyota Land Cruiser 95 on the left

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I’ve got a new rooftop tent, and I already used it

Last Thursday I went for a look at an almost brand new Gordigear rooftop tent, only one and half months old. The owner decided that a campervan was more his thing and put it on sale. I gave it an evening to consider my options and although I had a somewhat smaller budget in mind for a secondhand rooftop tent the fact that it was almost brand new and still had 22 months warranty made me decide to buy the tent, of course after some negotiation about the price.

Picking up the Gordigear rooftop tent on Friday morning, still strapped to the roof rack

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Tombs, tombs and more tombs

The island of Lolland, Falster and Mons are known for its ancient tombs, aka passage graves or dolmen, from the stone and bronze age. In the Netherlands similar constructions are known in the province of Drente.

I started the day with a stroll trough one of the forests of Lolland where some tombs could be found. Also I was able to spot some deer as well as some pheasants.

Later I checked some tombs out along the way to Mons Klint which was my destination for today. Some of the tombs were restored in their original state, covered by dirt and appearing as a small hill in the fields. Others were just the large uncovered stones, showing an interesting insight in the construction.

A tomb hill, aka tumulus

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Arrived in Denmark

Today was a long day on the road, I drove about 450 KM trough Germany to end up in the harbour of Puttgarden where the ferry to Rødby goes. I didn’t buy a ticket in advance and actually planned to do some wild camping in Puttgarden and take the ferry in the morning. Upon arrival it was still possible to take one of the latest ferries of the day and I decided to do so.

Waiting for the ferry to Rødby, Denmark

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