Visiting Belgrade for a geeky conference

I have arrived in Belgrade, capital of Serbia. The reason I drove straight trough Croatia is to get here in time for the Hackaday Belgrade Conference. In the same time I will also try to get some grasp of the Belgrade lifestyle. The Hackaday Belgrade Conference is a one day event on hardware and software applications and the hacking involved to get there. It’s organised by the website Hackaday, which I like quite a lot for my daily dose of hard-core technology. I liked to attend this conference during my trip to at least stay a little bit connected to my field of work. Continue reading “Visiting Belgrade for a geeky conference”

Ljubljana, Belgrado and the road in between

When my friend Johannes returned home after exploring the Julian Alps together for more than a week I was on my own again. I decided to stay in Kamnik, about 20 kilometers north of Ljubljana  for a couple of days.

After setting up camp at the local campsite I visited the town which has some nice old buildings in it’s centre and two ruins from the middle ages.

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Getting an awning and visiting Salzburg

Driving the Deutsche Alpenstraße was accomplished and I had arrived at the Gordigear European office. When Gordigear heard about my plans to drive to Australia, and they being an Australian brand of outdoor equipment, they offered me to provide an awning for the car. An offer I of course happily accepted! And since their European office was on my route I could easily pick it up along the way.

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This night I was invited by Alf from CouchSurfing to spend the night on his couch and to join him to the Nattjazz festival, but I first explored the city of Bergen by myself on the bicycle.

I parked the car close to Alf’s home and from there cycled to the city centre which was about 10 KM downhill. At the tourist information I picked up a cycling route which al in al took a couple of hours and gave a good sight of the city.

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Visiting Copenhagen

This morning I took te bicycle to check out the city. First I went to the statue of the Little Mermaid or Den Lille Havfrue, which was on the way to the city centre. Of course busses full of tourists were dropped of and the little statue barely visible. Just a bit further, in a small park, a statue of man drying him self didn’t receive any attention.

I continued my ride downtown and checked out the city for the rest of the day

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