Along the Bodensee

When my friend Marcel left again I continued exploring the surroundings of the Bodensee. First I found myself a nice spot in the forest where I would spend the night, en then took the bicycle to go to Reichenau island.

I spend a quiet evening in the forest with a small campfire. The next days I moved on clockwise along the Bodensee and visited a reconstruction of the stilt houses which were common here around the lake in the stone and bronze age. Unfortunately very limited information was available for the non German speaking visitor, but overall it was an interesting sight and I learned a bit more about the way of life in ancient times.

At the end of the day I also quickly picked up a new LifeSaver Jerrycan in Friedrichshafen which was sent to me after I found out it was leaking on one of the seams. I spend the night in the car somewhere along the Bodensee.

On Tuesday I went to the cute little historic town of Lindau on a small island in the Bodensee. Every Tuesday evening there is a CouchSurfing meetup which I attended for some socialising. Before the meetup I treated myself to a proper traditional German meal and of course some local beers.

The night was spend on a parking lot just out of the historic center which was equipped for overnighters, manly large white camper vans. For € 5 one could spend the night there and for a small charge clean toilets and running water are available, all in all a great service for those traveling.

I decide to stay an other night close to Lindau, however not at the parking lot but a bit out of town in the forest. I reorganised the car a bit, did some improvements and wrote my first travelogue.

In the evening a group of school kids were in the forest for a scavenger hunt or some kind of quest. Apparently a visitor of the forest had mistaken their excitement for a screaming woman and the police was called. I was brutally frightened by the intimidating lights of a police car who wanted to know if I knew more of this screaming woman. I explained the situation and the teachers of the group did also and the matter was solved. That was some excitement late in the evening.