Visiting Belgrade for a geeky conference

I have arrived in Belgrade, capital of Serbia. The reason I drove straight trough Croatia is to get here in time for the Hackaday Belgrade Conference. In the same time I will also try to get some grasp of the Belgrade lifestyle. The Hackaday Belgrade Conference is a one day event on hardware and software applications and the hacking involved to get there. It’s organised by the website Hackaday, which I like quite a lot for my daily dose of hard-core technology. I liked to attend this conference during my trip to at least stay a little bit connected to my field of work. Continue reading “Visiting Belgrade for a geeky conference”

Ljubljana, Belgrado and the road in between

When my friend Johannes returned home after exploring the Julian Alps together for more than a week I was on my own again. I decided to stay in Kamnik, about 20 kilometers north of Ljubljana  for a couple of days.

After setting up camp at the local campsite I visited the town which has some nice old buildings in it’s centre and two ruins from the middle ages.

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