Hire me

When I’m not traveling I work as a Freelance IT Specialist. I have a lot of expertise in the financial markets but also other markets like telecom, health care and automotive are part of my expertise. I am available for short to medium term projects, in the Netherlands, but also around the world if this fits in my travel schedule. Check out my profile on LinkedIn to get an idea of my capabilities.

I’m also available for small IT related tasks when on the road and internet is available. Think about remote server maintenance, implementing a website or other tasks which can be executed within a couple of hours or days.

If you’re a travel organisation I can help you with checking out hotels or points of interest, make arrangements on location or guide a tour. All depending on where I am and where I’m heading to.

If you’re a magazine, website or TV program, I can provide travel or culture related articles and background information. I can also provide semiprofessional pictures, 360° panorama photos or consumer grade video clips. I’m not interested in reporting on political related issues, also because this might be a ground to deny me a travel visa in certain countries.

Send me a message if you’re interested in working with me.