Support me

Traveling around the world is not only about making adventures and having fun, it’s also a lot of organisation, planning, preparation and collecting funds to make this possible. I travel on a budget and support in any form is very much appreciated.

Join me on the road

It’s always great to experience adventures together, to commemorate the day at the campfire under the stars and to share stories. Also sharing costs is an added benefit

Hire me or Brutus

Most of my funds are collected by saving money I make from work as an Freelance IT Specialist, also on the road and when internet is available I am able to work for a couple of hours per day. When I’m in Holland, and depending on availability Brutus can also be hired, to go camping, tow a heavy load, make an appearance on an outdoor event or maybe something else.

Rent my apartment

When I’m traveling an important means of income is renting out my apartment. It provides me a steady income without too much worries.

Host me

Campsites and especially hotels can occupy a large part of the daily budget. Offering me a patch of land to setup camp or a couch for the night are some of the possibilities to support me. I offer good conversation and exiting stories in return.