Carnet de Passages en Douane deposit finally released

Two and half years ago I had to leave my Yellow Monster behind in Namibia and today I finally got back my deposit for the Carnet de Passages en Douane. So what is this Carnet, why did it take so long to get the deposit back, and how did I get my exit stamp in Namibia? That’s what I’m going to share with you.

The Yellow Monster, I and Sander, in better times in Namibia

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Today we made it back home

Due to the clouds in Czech Republic we could not take off in time to get back home yesterday. In the end we got some great support from one of the folks at Mnichovo Hradiště Airport. He knew a way out, flying below the clouds and taking a route trough the valleys between the mountains. Especially one mountain pass would be tricky, if the clouds were to low we could not pass, but as he was living in that area he would drive there and give us a call to update us on the local situation. About an hour later he arrived at the mountain pass and the call was made, no clouds in the mountain pass. We quickly got in the plane and into the air. Flying just below the cloud we followed the route that was advised and indeed, at the mentioned pass the clouds started to clear up and we were able to gain height and get above the clouds. We escaped Czech Republic!

Hot Air Balloon over Mittelsachsen

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Troubles while getting home

Last morning at the airport of Szombathely things went a bit different. When going trough the airplane start up procedure we faced a problem with the self test of the primary and secondary ECU, both warning lights kept burning while they were supposed to go off after the self test. After consulting the maintenance guys of Wings over Holland we decided to fly to the manufacturer of the plane, which happend to be located in Wiener Neustadt, just over the border of Switzerland. Continue reading “Troubles while getting home”

Troubles with Brutus

About one and half hours ago Brutus front left suspension broke off while driving from the campsite back home 😡 Luckily I was able to keep him in control and park the car in the berm. Long story short, Brutus had to be towed away and I’m taking the train back home…

Our heroes from Namibia

These two wonderful people have helped Sander and me enormously after our unfortunate accident in Namibia.

On the right Hannes, 20 minutes after the accident he and his wife were the first ones on crashsite and gave us fantastic support and first aid. On the left Servaas, our Dutch Consul in Windhoek, who on the evening of King’s Day(!) awaited us after the ambulance flight on the Windhoek airport and supported the successive days enormously while we were hospitalized.

This morning they received a present from us that a friend of Sander has delivered for us in Windhoek.

Troubles in Namibia

Dear friends, troubles here in Namibia, I lost control of the wheel last weekend and crashed. Sander and I in the hospital and the Yellow Monster total loss. Physically I’m already recovering considerably. I need to arrange some things here and then come back to NL in a few weeks. End of the adventure 🙁