Lots of waterfalls

The last two days were dominated by waterfalls, lots of waterfalls.

It started with a nameless waterfall, which already looked impressive, but it would only get better. Later followed Låtefossen, a twin waterfall consisting of two different streams coming together in a violent thunderous body of water.

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Northern Denmark and sailing off to Norway

After a nice breakfast in the dunes near Tornby I went to the harbour of Hirtshals to check out the availability of ferry tickets to Kristiansand. The plan was to sail off the next day and spend an other night at this nice spot in the dunes. After gaining the required information the conclusion was that sailing off the same day would be cheaper, probably because it’s a Thursday and not a Friday. So a ticket was bought for the evening ferry. Enough time was left to check out Skagen, a cute though touristy town in the north eastern tip of Denmark.

Windmill in Skagen

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Arrived in Denmark

Today was a long day on the road, I drove about 450 KM trough Germany to end up in the harbour of Puttgarden where the ferry to Rødby goes. I didn’t buy a ticket in advance and actually planned to do some wild camping in Puttgarden and take the ferry in the morning. Upon arrival it was still possible to take one of the latest ferries of the day and I decided to do so.

Waiting for the ferry to Rødby, Denmark

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