Lots of waterfalls

The last two days were dominated by waterfalls, lots of waterfalls.

It started with a nameless waterfall, which already looked impressive, but it would only get better. Later followed Låtefossen, a twin waterfall consisting of two different streams coming together in a violent thunderous body of water.

Last night I stayed at Odda Camping, at a peaceful lake but of course with some waterfalls in the distance. Here I joined some other travellers for some drinks and one of them, Jennifer, happened to have her birthday, there was a birthday cake and I had a package of sparklers with me so a couple of them gave it a festive ambiance.

This morning I drove off to Kinsarvik where a nice hike along the Kinso river in the Husedalen valey, with four waterfalls, should be; the four waterfalls hike. But first I had to get there. Because of roadworks the direct way to Kinsarvik was closed and a detour along the other side of the fjord had to be taken followed by a ferry  to get to Kinsarvik. Here it was a short drive to the parking at the start of the hike.

I quickly started the hike, which was indeed a very nice one. The hike started at a hydro power station and along the pipeline providing the station with water. Then trough forrest and an rocks. For me it was all not to difficult, however one definitely needs to be trained.

At the third waterfall, Nykkjesøyfossen, a nice hut on a grassy patch next to the waterfall was build, a very nice sight. Here I returned back to the parking. Due to the delays of the detour on the way to Kinsarvik I decided this would be best, so to be back in time. Also, I could use some food. Tonight I will tay here on the parking and sleep in the car.