Getting an awning and visiting Salzburg

Driving the Deutsche Alpenstraße was accomplished and I had arrived at the Gordigear European office. When Gordigear heard about my plans to drive to Australia, and they being an Australian brand of outdoor equipment, they offered me to provide an awning for the car. An offer I of course happily accepted! And since their European office was on my route I could easily pick it up along the way.

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I finally finished operation winch repair

Back in september last year I started operation winch repair after I broke the winch during an offroading event at the Land Cruiser Club. I cleaned and overhauled the which and electrical system but after reinstall the drum didn’t really turn. Brutus faced some other problems and went for repair for more than 3 months, winter arrived and the winch repair project went into hibernation. Yesterday was a somewhat cold but sunny day so I decided to solve the winch matters once and for all.

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Operation winch repair is in full swing

Since I broke my winch during an event by the Land Cruiser Club I never looked at it again and it was basically a heavy weight on the front bumper. This obviously needed to change. I don’t really see a need for a winch for the kind of traveling I do so the options are to repair it against minimal costs, or ditch the whole thing and lose some weight from the front bumper as an added benefit. Replacing it with an other winch is not what I was intended to do.

Taking out the winch

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