Exploring the Julian Alps with Johannes

After spending two nights at Lake Bled it was time to pick up my friend Johannes at the Ljubjana airport. Johannes had an early flight, which meant that we still had the whole day ahead of us. After stocking up for the next couple of days we headed to Lake Bohinj where we would be spending a couple of days.

A beautiful drive trough the mountains brought us there and on the first day we already hiked to the Savica waterfall. At first we were a bit misguided and thought a lousy rapid was the waterfall, but just before we wanted to head back we found out the actual waterfall was still some more hiking and a steep climb further.

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Getting an awning and visiting Salzburg

Driving the Deutsche Alpenstraße was accomplished and I had arrived at the Gordigear European office. When Gordigear heard about my plans to drive to Australia, and they being an Australian brand of outdoor equipment, they offered me to provide an awning for the car. An offer I of course happily accepted! And since their European office was on my route I could easily pick it up along the way.

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Introducing to you: Gordigear

I’m happy tot introduce to you: Gordigear, my first sponsor for my Amsterdam to Sydney trip. Gordigear is an Australian manufacturer of expedition camping equipment, thus they know how to make proper products which are able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. When I contacted them about my plans to drive from Amsterdam to Sydney they responded very exited.

I’m currently using their 140 cm wide Explorer roof top tent and at the start of my trip an additional Gumtree awning and mesh room will be fitted at their European office in Germany which I will be visiting.

Are you interested in supporting my trip from Amsterdam to Sydney? I created a page with some ideas how to do so.

I’ve got a new rooftop tent, and I already used it

Last Thursday I went for a look at an almost brand new Gordigear rooftop tent, only one and half months old. The owner decided that a campervan was more his thing and put it on sale. I gave it an evening to consider my options and although I had a somewhat smaller budget in mind for a secondhand rooftop tent the fact that it was almost brand new and still had 22 months warranty made me decide to buy the tent, of course after some negotiation about the price.

Picking up the Gordigear rooftop tent on Friday morning, still strapped to the roof rack

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