Operation winch repair is in full swing

Since I broke my winch during an event by the Land Cruiser Club I never looked at it again and it was basically a heavy weight on the front bumper. This obviously needed to change. I don’t really see a need for a winch for the kind of traveling I do so the options are to repair it against minimal costs, or ditch the whole thing and lose some weight from the front bumper as an added benefit. Replacing it with an other winch is not what I was intended to do.

Taking out the winch

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Safe water on the road

Today I received a new addition to my travel equipment, a LifeSaver jerrycan with built-in water filter. I also ordered the optional spray hose so I can easily rinse of fruit and vegetables with clean water, or even take a shower.

LifeSaver Jerrycan 10000UF and accessories

I have investigated various filtration options, and decided to go for the LifeSaver jerrycan because of the high filtration claims, the self-contained water storage of 18 litres and the fact that the size is the same as a standard jerrycan which makes packaging a lot easier.