Unbearable temperatures in Ouagadougou

I arrived in Burkina Fasso a few days ago, temperature in Ouagadougou is unbearable, luckily I received my visa for Ghana and I’m already looking forward to a refreshing dive in the sea. But first I will visit the south west of Burkina Faso; Bobo-Dioulasso, Banfora and Sindou Peaks

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Thank you dear friends for the birthday wishes! Yesterday I had a nice evening in Bamako, Mali, with bubbles and even some fireworks.

Today the visa for Burkina Faso is arranged and I went wild on milkshakes and other luxuries that you can find in such a capital. In the coming days there will also be a travel report so to be continued…

Tonight we’re pub quizzing with the expat community of Bamako. Four rounds with themes Marsupials, Mali, Religion and UN.

Obtaining the Mauritanian Visa

Last night I spent the night in the Yellow Monster in front of the Embassy of Mauritania where I had to do my visa application at 8:30 am. The guard of the neighboring Embassy of Ivory Coast made this possible and kept an eye on me at night. While awaiting the visa approval I’m enjoying  a nice breakfast.

Update 16:28: in the pocket