I’ve got a new rooftop tent, and I already used it

Last Thursday I went for a look at an almost brand new Gordigear rooftop tent, only one and half months old. The owner decided that a campervan was more his thing and put it on sale. I gave it an evening to consider my options and although I had a somewhat smaller budget in mind for a secondhand rooftop tent the fact that it was almost brand new and still had 22 months warranty made me decide to buy the tent, of course after some negotiation about the price.

Picking up the Gordigear rooftop tent on Friday morning, still strapped to the roof rack

On Friday morning the transaction was finalised and I installed the Gordigear rooftop tent in the afternoon. I only had to make some small spacers to fit the tent to my roof rack which I did with some pieces of water resistant plywood. Also I decided to turn the cover around so it rests on the roof instead of hanging down the rear of the vehicle. Since the car is more than two meters hight the ladder did not have enough length, which was expected. I will have to order a ladder extension, and for the time being I will use a stool to let the ladder rest on. Further the fitting of the Gordigear rooftop tent was an easy task.

Yesterday I decided to give the tent a try and went to Staatsbosbeheer camping Nieuw Soerel, a quiet camping in the woods of the Veluwe. After a cozy time at the campfire I had an excellent sleep