The remote farm of Kjeåsen

Today I made my way to Bergen, almost. But first more waterfalls and a remote farm.

After breakfast I left the parking at Kinsarvik and went to yet another waterfall, the Vøringfossen, again quite an impressive one. With a total drop of 182 meters it’s the 83rd highest waterfall in Norway.

From there I decided to check out a hike I found on the map, to a remote farm with an interesting background story, the remote farm of Kjeåsen. The farm is located 600 meters up the mountain and until the 70’s only accessible over a steep trail.

I definitely was not properly prepared as I drove directly to the top of the mountain, where the farm was located, but the hike was from the valley, up to the farm, and back. The road to the farm was a windy road and also here I made a mistake as I was unknown to the concept of “hourly driving” which means that every hour only one direction of traffic is allowed. Of course I drove up just on the moment down hill traffic was allowed. Thankfully there was none, thus no accidents happened.

I drove back down, this time to the right starting point of the trail. Due to the high water level the beginning of the trail was flooded and difficult to walk.

I continued on to Bergen, tried to find a wildcamping spot along the way but failed and ended up at Brattland Camping, very close to Bergen.