Arrived in Denmark

Today was a long day on the road, I drove about 450 KM trough Germany to end up in the harbour of Puttgarden where the ferry to Rødby goes. I didn’t buy a ticket in advance and actually planned to do some wild camping in Puttgarden and take the ferry in the morning. Upon arrival it was still possible to take one of the latest ferries of the day and I decided to do so.

Waiting for the ferry to Rødby, Denmark

The result was that I arrived at dusk in Rødby and still had to arrange a place to spend the night. Not an ideal situation. I checked out some spots for wildcamping but none of them were suitable. Since wildcamping is officially not allowed in Denmark I didn’t want to spot along the road or an other visible place. In the end I ended up at a very dark camp site which was also not a very cosy spot, but at least it was legal to camp.