Troubles while getting home

Last morning at the airport of Szombathely things went a bit different. When going trough the airplane start up procedure we faced a problem with the self test of the primary and secondary ECU, both warning lights kept burning while they were supposed to go off after the self test. After consulting the maintenance guys of Wings over Holland we decided to fly to the manufacturer of the plane, which happend to be located in Wiener Neustadt, just over the border of Switzerland.

While the technicians of the Diamond Aircraft manufacturing facility were investigating the ECU issue we took the opportunity to have a look in the workshop and the Diamond Aircraft museum.

After some time the ECU problem was solved, a dirty connector turned out to be the problem, and we continued our trip and flew over autumn coloured forests of Lower Austria to Czech Republic.

The town of Mnichovo Hradiště is a cute little place with some interesting buildings. We made a short walk to check them out after checking in the simple, somewhat dated, but cheap hotel.

This morning other problems arise, which probably delays our return back home; clouds. The visual meteorological conditions are not met and thus we are unable to depart. For now the flight plan is already delayed a couple of times, and we are hoping the sky will clear up later today so we can at least fly to Germany, we’re most probably not going to make it back to Lelystad Airport before dark anyways as daylight time is running out.

A North American Aviation T-28 Trojan at the Mnichovo Hradiště Airport, notice the cloudy sky which kept us aground.