Today we made it back home

Due to the clouds in Czech Republic we could not take off in time to get back home yesterday. In the end we got some great support from one of the folks at Mnichovo Hradiště Airport. He knew a way out, flying below the clouds and taking a route trough the valleys between the mountains. Especially one mountain pass would be tricky, if the clouds were to low we could not pass, but as he was living in that area he would drive there and give us a call to update us on the local situation. About an hour later he arrived at the mountain pass and the call was made, no clouds in the mountain pass. We quickly got in the plane and into the air. Flying just below the cloud we followed the route that was advised and indeed, at the mentioned pass the clouds started to clear up and we were able to gain height and get above the clouds. We escaped Czech Republic!

Hot Air Balloon over Mittelsachsen

It already was 15:30 and the sun would set around 18:00 hours, so we would definitely not make it back to Lelystad Airport. We went to Paderborn-Haxterberg Airport instead, checked in at a cheap hotel and went for some proper German food; schnitzel and Weisen beers.

Paderborn-Haxterberg Airport at sunset

This morning it was only a short flight to Lelystad Airport, we arrived around noon and our Fly over Europe trip came to an end after 10 amazing days. The only thing left was to give the plane a wash.

Back in the hangar at Lelystad Airport

I also documented the trip with Polarsteps, the result is quite nice, although there are some rough edges in the app. But hey, it’s a beta.