Making a detour to Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Although I was disturped by the police the night before I did have a good sleep in the forest near Lindau and after an easy breakfast I made my way to Liechtenstein. My friend Marcel recommended me to go to the Anterior Rhine near Versam and since Liechtenstein was along the way I decided to also honour this little Principality with a visit.

Samina Valley, Liechtenstein

I send out a couple of hosting request on Couchsurfing and Kristina and her family were so kind to welcome me in their home in Vaduz. On Thursday I decided to go hiking in the Samina valley. To get there was a bit of an obstacle course. First I tried getting there on the bicycle, however my touring bicycle was definitely not equipped for the task to conquer the mountainous landscape. The next try was wit the car, which brought me quite far, but roadworks and a detour led to an old tunnel which was to low for Brutus. So I parked the car and walked the last couple of kilometers to the start of the trail.

The trail itself was also not without obstacles. Broken trees and maintenance blocked a part of the route. Nevertheless I did have a nice hike and the surroundings of Liechtenstein are definitely beautiful.

The next day a also did a little hike, and went barbecuing with Kristina and her family.

After three nights in Liechtenstein I moved on to Switzerland where I found a nice little camping in the hamlet Carrera. From there I hiked along the Anterior Rhine and specifically the Ruinaulta. I also played a bit with the drone my good friend Sander gave me.

If anyone decides to go to the Ruinaulta, and I can surely recommend the area, then make sure you stock up on supplies one forehand. There are no major supermarkets after you pass Chur. Further it’s good to know that there is a small train running once an hour along the Anterior Rhine which is an easy way to travel back to your camping after hiking along the trail and from where you also have spectaculair views.

After an other three nights in Switzerland I drove back to Germany where I will be driving the Deutsche Alpenstraße.