European capital of culture Aarhus

Yesterday I crossed Denmark, from the Wadden coast on the west to the city of Aarhus, this years European capital of Culture, on the east of Jutland. Upon arrival quite a lot of construction works were going on. Tram lines and stops were being constructed and a large globe was being installed, which was supposed to become an art installation, I found out later. A bit late, if you ask me, since the city is already for five months the European capital of Culture.

Since I wanted to take some time to explore the city I chose to stay at a camp site. First went to Aarhus Camping north of town where I was supposed to buy some kind of camping membership card to be able to stay on their camping. Because this would make my stay about twice more expensive I decided to check out an other camp site. At Camping Blommehaven I had to become a member of some other camping organisation, so same stupid story, but different. I decided to go for Camping Blommehaven anyways because it’s much closer to the city and was also a much nicer one.

On the way to Camping Blommehaven I was already redirected along a detour. It seemed that the annual Classic Race Aarhus was taking place this weekend.

Today I took the bicycle to visit the city and the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

In the evening I went to the local food court, a trendy spot with al kinds of food stalls,