We’re going to fly over Europe!

While Brutus is at the garage and they are investigating what needs to be done and how much time and money it will costs to bring him back on four wheels, I’m going to make a short side trip with my friends Michiel and Jan.

This Tuesday we will be heading to Lelystad Airport where a small four seater airplane, a Diamond Start DA40TDI by the identifier PH-DAI for those airplane aficionados amongst you, will be waiting for us. We will be flying over Europe for the next nine days. The flight plan will depend on the weather forecast, however we are planning to go south, to Spain or Italy, and enjoy some nice landscapes, warmer climate and good food.

I will also be giving Polarsteps a try to see if it is a handy tool to document my future travels. Check out the trip I created on this platform and follow along!

The Diamond Star DA40TDI we are going to fly

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