First lap achieved

We finished our first day of our fly over Europe tour, at Troyes in the Champagne area of France.

We started the day at Lelystad Airport. The initial plans were to fly to Germany, but after checking the weather forecast we decided to fly to France.

The flight plan we registered mentioned Valenciennes, which we reached in the afternoon. The weather on the way started cloudy, so we could not make much height. Till the Belgian border we had to fly below 1000 feet, and sometimes only about 700 feet. From Belgium onwards the weather improved somewhat and we could gain some more height.

At Valenciennes-Denain Airport

At Valenciennes-Denain Airport we added some fuel to the plane, and some caffeine to ourselves. There we made up our mind where to go next. Troyes it would be. We flew over vineyards and chateau’s, and along the way the weather improved further.

At Troyes-Barberey Airport

We checked in at a Chambre ‘d Hotes, and quickly went down town for a proper beer and some food.