Over the Alps, to Elba

After our stay in Troyes we continued our trip. We flew over the Massif Central towards the Alps where we had a late lunch break at Chambéry. Then we crossed the Alps, for which we had to gain height to 1200 feet.

On the Italian side visibility was quite poor, however we made it to Genoa without problems. Landing on Genoa airport was quite an experience, as it is an international airport with al it’s large jets and procedures.

The B&B we booked last-minute was an example of bad taste, bright yellow, purple and green everywhere, and plush toys, why? But it didn’t really matter as we were only sleeping here for one night. We immediately went exploring the old city centre, small steep streets with small shops, bars and restaurants. But also large squares and churches, a lot of churches. We had some drinks and found a very nice restaurant where we enjoyed some proper Italian food.

The next day we flew to Elba, the island where Napoleon was once was imprisoned. On the way we were able to see the tower of Pisa in the distance.

We decided to stay an other night and rent a car to check out the western side of the island. In the evening more Italian food was enjoyed.

For today we are planning to fly to the eastern coast of Italy, to the city of Fano.