Bye bye sweet home, bye bye sweet Amsterdam, I’m gone!

It has already been more than a week since I left Amsterdam, so time for my first travelogue about this Amsterdam to Sydney adventure. And since most of the first days since I left were filled with farewell activities this one will be more of a personal kind.

The core of the Farewell Camp, Sander his Land Rover Series 3 109 on the right and my Toyota Land Cruiser 95 on the left

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I finally finished operation winch repair

Back in september last year I started operation winch repair after I broke the winch during an offroading event at the Land Cruiser Club. I cleaned and overhauled the which and electrical system but after reinstall the drum didn’t really turn. Brutus faced some other problems and went for repair for more than 3 months, winter arrived and the winch repair project went into hibernation. Yesterday was a somewhat cold but sunny day so I decided to solve the winch matters once and for all.

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Introducing to you: Gordigear

I’m happy tot introduce to you: Gordigear, my first sponsor for my Amsterdam to Sydney trip. Gordigear is an Australian manufacturer of expedition camping equipment, thus they know how to make proper products which are able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. When I contacted them about my plans to drive from Amsterdam to Sydney they responded very exited.

I’m currently using their 140 cm wide Explorer roof top tent and at the start of my trip an additional Gumtree awning and mesh room will be fitted at their European office in Germany which I will be visiting.

Are you interested in supporting my trip from Amsterdam to Sydney? I created a page with some ideas how to do so.

Carnet de Passages en Douane deposit finally released

Two and half years ago I had to leave my Yellow Monster behind in Namibia and today I finally got back my deposit for the Carnet de Passages en Douane. So what is this Carnet, why did it take so long to get the deposit back, and how did I get my exit stamp in Namibia? That’s what I’m going to share with you.

The Yellow Monster, I and Sander, in better times in Namibia

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How I plan my route

When planning a new journey I like to collect interesting sights in the countries I’m intended to visit. Articles in magazines, news items, documentaries, other travelogues and other sources of interest I put together in a Google My Maps map. Then when the time of departure is in sight I connect the points of interest together and create a route. Of course this route is often deviated from.

Points of interest in Google My Maps for my Amsterdam to Sydney trip

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